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The Massacre at Yellow Hill (Pre-Order)
Black Rose Writing
March 22, 2018

The Massacre at Yellow Hill is a rollicking and bloody take on the Old West through a Robert E. Howard-style zoetrope. Humble flexes pulp literary muscle in his gritty action sequences and evocative descriptions of a harsh,  sinister shadow world.” –Laird Barron, author of Blood Standard

When George Miller is killed in the mines of Yellow Hill, his wife and children are left to try and piece their lives back together. Tabitha Miller, George’s widow, is thrown into deeper chaos when she discovers that George’s death had nothing to do with the cave’s collapse, but was caused by some terrible predator deep within the earth. His death covered up by the mine’s Proprietor-Jeremiah Hart.

In nearby Big Spring, freed slave-turned-occult bounty hunter Gilbert Ptolemy arrives with his adopted son in search of a murderous vampire. New revelations in Yellow Hill draw the duo toward the struggling Miller family, the strange mine, and the horrors lurking within.

The Miller and Ptolemy families are pitted against mundane and supernatural forces in this Weird West adventure. Family struggles, heart-stopping gunfights, and nightmare creatures from dark realms abound in this first novel from C.S. Humble, The Massacre at Yellow Hill.


The Final Hook and Counter ($2.99)
Pro Se Publication
Short Story

The final confrontation between the nefarious James Moran and the world’s greatest treasure hunter, Jack Napoleon is rocketed into action when the love of Jack’s life, Mandy Sapphire, is kidnapped by the ‘Countering Man’ Moran. Jack is put on a perilous journey, which will require every single skill he possesses, in order to save Mandy from Jack’s most dangerous foe.

Rig Move
Dark Eclipse #32 EMagaine
March 1, 2014

Taking cosmic horror into the bad places of West Texas, C.S. Humble frightens readers with an account of what happens when men venture into the realms they were not meant to tarry.


To purchase a copy of one of C.S. Humble’s comic books, please visit this page.

Father Faust Collage
Father Faust #1-4

CCP Comics

Father Daniel Faust, exorcist outside the powers of the Catholic Church, finds himself confronted with an overwhelming frequency of cases of possession, a loosening mental grip on reality, and ghosts of his past. All the while, unknowingly taking on a possession even that will ultimately will destroy him.

Reichenbach Collage

Reichenbach #1
CCP Comics

The estranged son of infamous crime-lord Professor James Moriarty joins a communion of wizards to protect the world from supernatural peril! – See more at:

Reichenbach #2
CCP Comics

Moriarty has the Key of Solomon, which houses a power within that even the Inner Communion fears. With little information at their disposal, the Communion meets at their Inner Sanctum to discuss a plan of attack against the emboldened Napoleon of Crime. Plots are laid and confrontations of swirling magical power abound in Issue #2 of CCP’s series, Reichenbach.

Capetown Collage

Capetown #1-2
CCP Comics

The arrival of a super-powered alien triggers a surge in vigilante activity and teaches an ensemble including a voodoo hougan, Irish polymath, action-archaeologist, ambitious politician, teenage pop star, private detective, and country & western oracle the importance of faith in shaping one’s life while the world comes crashing down around them.

Capetown #2
CCP Comics

Issue 2 of the CCP Comics Superhero series.


The Resurrection of the Essayist
Torque Magazine
May 16, 2014

First published by Torque Magazine, this essay discusses why blogs are important in serving as the modern essay.

The Modern Programmer: The Philosopher, The Architect, The Artist
Torque Magazine
July 9, 2014

Programmers are changing the world, and here is why we should all do a better job of paying attention to their work. Essay published by Torque Magazine and edited by Marie Dodson.

Love Art More Than Money – A Case Against Online Piracy
Torque Magazine
September 19, 2014

Essay regarding the evils and pitfalls of embracing online piracy.
“For what does a man profit if he gains all the world, but loses his soul?”


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